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Aims & Objective
To establish and maintain charitable dispensary, Health Care Centre, Children’s Clinics, Maternity Home, Mother and Child Health Care Centre etc.  for the medical treatment and health care of the urban & rural  and backward people and distribution of medicines, foods, cloths and other necessary articles free of cost.
To work benevolently in other diseases and suffering viz. Thalassemia,  Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Leprosy etc. and promote research centre and development in  such fields with goal mission of the charity.
To acquire, establish, start, aid, run, maintain or manage Primary Schools, Libraries, Charitable Hospitals, Orphanage, Blind & Deaf-Dumb School, Old Age Home, Family Planning Centre, Eye Care Centers, Night  Schools, Residential School (for SC/ST, Street & Drop out children). Non Formal schools, School Training Centers, Crèches, Day Care Centre, Technical & Agricultural Schools, Home for Handicapped, Mother & Child Care Centre, Computer Training Schools, Mobile Clinics etc. for the benefit of the urban and rural poor helpless people.
To provide & help  the poor farmers by formation of Farmer’s Club and Agro Clinic and providing them with modern agricultural equipments and proper  modern scientific training for organic & artificial manners, horticulture, floriculture, sericulture, medicinal and aromatic plants, mushroom, pisiculture, animal husbandry etc.
To engage the society for all sorts of Relief works e.g. Flood, Cyclone, Earthquake, Epidemic, Tsunami or any other natural calamity.
To establish a “Model Workshop” for giving scientific training on various small scale industries schemes to destitute women, men, children and disable persons.
To arrange and propagate against child labour, gender inequality, Dowry System / Trafficking, HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Drug Abuse, educational subjects, communal harmony etc. and organize lectures, debates, discussions, conferences, camps, seminars, workshops, Symposia, meeting, exhibitions on a regular or occasional basis for matting people conscious of the above subjects without the motive of making profit.