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Health has become one of the highly prioritized matters that people are concerned and cared about. This can be further explained by the rise in the popularity of gymnasium, yoga classes, organic food and regular organized health campaigns, programmes and projects organised by the government, private sectors as well as the NGO's. Health awareness is the need of the hour with the increasingly complex challenges towards the health of populations in the 21st century.

Nowadays, medical facilities for many diseases are widely available and easily accessible especially where in some places, government subsidised medical centres can avail treatment against diseases at minimal cost or sometimes, free of cost. However, people often tend to forget the old saying which goes that “Prevention is better than cure”. This old saying is very much valid even now. Taking necessary precaution and awareness are always better before the disaster strikes. Once the disease starts spreading, the consequences can sometimes be troublesome, dangerous and to the extent of life threatening. Ultimately, creating health awareness and taking proper prevention against disease is of utmost importance.

Sister Margaret Foundation conducts several Health Awareness camps in different places of India with the help of Registered & Associated Members . SMF has already conducted more than 500 Awareness Camps in different places of India from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.