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As a developing nation, India has further to adapt to the needs of an aging population and with the challenge of lower levels 2nd in the 60+ demographic and 3rd in the 80+ or “ Oldest Old ” demographics in the world. This is because life expectancy in India has increased by 18 years in the pas five decades.

Now senior Citizens of India deprived by the society with their Sons & Daughters and other family members. So they are living in home without proper care, food, attention etc. Some of them are exploited mentally & physically by their children & closed relatives also.
Sister Margaret Foundation has taken initiative for the Senior Citizens of different places/cities of India at their Home/residence with proper attention, care by our trained & competent Volunteer. This initiative called “Senior Citizen Home care”

ELIGIBILITY : To become our member a Female applicant must be minimum 55 years of age and Male applicant must be minimum 60 years of age. No upper age limit.

MEMBERSHIP COST : Rs. 3300 is for three months period, Rs. 6000 is for six months and Rs. 12,000 is for 12 months period and 5 years & Life Membership are also available Every Member has to renew his/her membership after termination of the period with the renewable Membership Donation.

FACILITIES : All Registered Members will be enjoying the below mentioned facilities under specific Terms & Conditions :

Legal Assistance (Chargeable)
Health Check-up ( Sugar, Weight, Blood Pressure, ECG )
Yoga Trainning
Physiotherapy Treatment (Chargeable)
Travelling ( within 100 km from Kolkata - no Charge & beyond 100 km Chargeable )
Yearly Picnic
Celebration of Bengali - English New Year, Puja Parikrama, Birthday Celebration, Marriage Celebration ( If married )
Telephonic Conversation with our Volunteer two times in a week
Hiring of Volunteer - Chargeable
Hiring Ambulance - Chargeable
Personal Care - Chargeable
24x7 Emergency Service- Chargeable
Hospital Transfer - Chargeable
Grocery, Medicine & other Items - Home delivery - Chargeable

HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER :The Applicant has to fill the Application form duly along with the requisite Fees of Donation with a coloured passport size photograph affixed in proper place on the application form & a ID proof (Voter ID Card / Passport / Ration card / Other Govt. recognized ID Proof)