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Why This Foundation

We have always had the dreams of spreading around the love, compassion and practice of "The God worships in Man" (Shiva in Jiva) all across the boundaries. We firmly believe in the message of Swami Vivekananda and Sister Nivedita. The said the objectives of human birth should be served mankind, take way the pain and the sufferings and make everyone happy to live. They were firm on the faith of "Strishakti" (A Woman Power), the eternal power circuit to keep the world alive and going.

She worked for the Indian Society. She wanted to preach the ideas of her "Guru" but unfortunately, we have failed to follow her instructions. “The Stone God” is still being fed abundantly in Temple, while the “Living Gods” are dying of starvation on the street. Sister Margaret Foundation was founded to preach her teachings and works to all over the globe.